5-star Reviews

April 8, 2018
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We have been fortunate to have many of our past students leave reviews for future students to read. This allows our future students to do a little research and see why others chose Heart to Heart for their training, and why they would choose us again.

Here are some of the most recent reviews that we received from our students —

“I have been certified before and let it lapse so I had to get certified again and I will be honest, I was not looking forward to it at all. While I am experienced, you forget over the years how to do things the, “state way,” and with Katie’s help and guidance, I feel like I am very prepared to take the test. She is a wonderful person and REALLY cares about her students and making sure that the time in the classroom and in clinical is used wisely and we are really comfortable with each skill. Katie rocks and so does heart to heart, wish Katie and Heart to Heart would have been around 8 years ago!!”

  • Allie Hayes

“I really enjoyed myself in this class Katie the instructor is awesome and very informational with everything we learned and detailed thank you Katie for having the patience and time to work with each and everyone of us i feel like i am prepared to take my state test i would definitely recommend Heart to Heart to whomever is interested in getting the CNA!!”

  • Brown

“This was totally out-of- the box for me. I am a retired teacher and a musician. The instruction was amazing and the content super interesting. I know I could take and pass a state test. If I were younger, I may have continued in the medical field in some capacity. I am much more comfortable helping my wonderful mother.”

  • Sharon Meyers-Bourland

“This program was absolutely great! The education that I received makes me feel confident in my ability to thrive in the healthcare industry. Classroom and clinical experiences were wonderful. Katie is an excellent instructor who truly cares about your time and wants you to get as much out of the class as you can. I highly recommend Heart to Heart if you’re considering becoming a CNA.”

  • Megan Harrington

“A great program with a lot of hands-on learning and one on one with other classmates, Katie (instructor), and residents!

  • Gabrielle Den Boer

“Great class, Katie is an awesome instructor and gives you everything you need to be successful! I’m very confident I will pass the state test with this class”

  • Idalia Vales

“Great training! I am proud to say it really prepared me for the test and clinical test. The state test was everything Instructor Katie said it was, I was very nervous, but still confident thanks to my training. Thank you Heart to Heart!”

  • Robert Hunsche


So, if you are looking for a good reason to choose Heart to Heart for your Certified Nurse Assistant training, there are plenty. We truly care about our students and their success. We pride ourself on offering individual attention, hands-on learning, and making sure students are given everything they need to not only care for others, but pass the Michigan Nurse Aide Evaluation on the first try.

Due to high demand of our classes, we are filling up quickly. We have recently added a June 4 – June 15, Certified Nurse Assistant class. To sign up or get more information you can call us at 734-890-9574 or you can register for any class on our website shop.


Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit our website, read our blog and learn more about what Heart to Heart has to offer.