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Welcome to the Certified Nurse Assistant class at Heart to Heart Healthcare Training! This class will feature lectures from the class, skills video’s, interactive tests and more.

This class is designed for you to work at your own pace. This allows each student to take the specific time they need to watch lectures, read the chapters, watch videos and study. The information presented in these lectures are extremely important to successfully pass this class and to safely take care of patients. It is vital that you took this portion of the class seriously. All lessons are timed and all videos must be watched in order for you to move on to the next lesson. It will take you approximately 34 hours or more to complete the online portion of the class.

Due to COVID-19, this online portion of the class will be in replacement of typical lecture. This online course is to completed at your own pace. In order to attend the clinical portion you must have the entire online portion completed (except the State Exam lesson – complete this portion after graduation).

As a reminder for the class you will need to wear dark purple scrubs and a mask to all laboratory and clinical portions.

The State Exam Mock Exams should not be completed until you are ready to begin studying for the state exam (after you complete the course). It will not effect your grade, and you can re-take quizzes an unlimited amount of times.


You must get an average of 75% or above as your final grade in order to pass the online portion of the class. You will get one opportunity to take each quiz once, there are no-retakes of quizzes allowed. All quizzes are timed, please be aware of the timer, we allow 90 seconds per question (exactly what they allow at the state exam). All questions on quizzes are multiple choice, true or false or select all that apply. At the end of the quiz you will be able to review any incorrect answers, this is the only time you will be able to review these questions. We encourage you to take notes on those questions and review any material related to those questions. This will be the only time you can review the incorrect questions and answers.

Any questions should be directed to [email protected]

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