Tuition & Costs


Certified Nurse Assistant - $925 (2021 price $950)

Medical Assistant - $5,000

Phlebotomy Technician - $850 (2021 price $1,075)

EKG Technician - $500 (2021 price $875)

Patient Care Technician (PCT) Combo Class - $1,975 (2021 price $2,575)

Basic Life Support (BLS) - $75

Financial Aid

Assistance with tuition is often very important for students in order to receive the education that they desire.

Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA)


WIOA is a federal program providing assistance to unemployed adults and dislocated workers (those affected by a plant closing or worker reduction). WIOA may cover a significant portion of tuition costs.

For more information on WIOA, contact Michigan Works! Agency at 1-800-285-WORK, or visit their website at


The MACC also offers some wonderful information on various forms of financial aid that may be available for prospective students.

MACC Website



Heart to Heart Healthcare Training offers scholarships for students to attend our Certified Nurse Assistant class. Please see below.

The Bridget Gakstatter Memorial Scholarship

Bridget was a very special person with such a kind and loving soul. Her mission in life was to spread love wherever she went. She always took the time to learn everyone’s name, ask someone how their day was, and always made you smile. She took the time out her day to make sure those around her, whether they be friends, family or even strangers, felt appreciated and loved. Bridget’s motto in life was to be kind to others – more love, less hate. Bridget spent much of her free time volunteering and helping others in any way she could. She volunteered at many different places including Habitat for Humanity, her church, and anywhere in the community where she was needed. The world needs more people like Bridget, and at Heart to Heart we want to reward the people that make a positive impact in this world.

This scholarship is dedicated to those individuals who show the same compassion for life, the same mission to spread love and kindness as well as the same dedication to helping others that Bridget did.

This scholarship will be rewarded throughout the year to  students of Heart to Heart Healthcare Training. The scholarship can range from a partial scholarship to a total scholarship into one of our courses. The amount of the scholarship given to the student will be donated to a local charity in memory of Bridget. 

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please send an essay meeting the requirements listed below to –

By email –

By Mail –

Heart to Heart Healthcare Training


Flushing, MI 48433

Essay requirements – 750-word essay explaining how you exemplify the same characteristics that Bridget did in life – love, kindness and dedication to helping others.

DUE - We accept applications throughout the year.