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8 week phlebotomy training

Experience 8 Week Phlebotomy Training the Hybrid Way

Undoubtedly, 2020 has had a profound impact on the logistics of education.  Many schools and educators are turning to new ways of learning to better accommodate the changing needs of their students.. The popularity of what is often referred to as hybrid learning has grown in this past year.  Hybrid learning is an educational model where some students attend class in-person, while others join the class virtually from home. Educators teach remote and in-person students at the same time using tools like video conferencing hardware and software.  Heart to Heart Healthcare Training is joining this growing model with its unique blend of in person lab and online training to become a Phlebotomy Technician.

Hybrid learning offers the best of both worlds for our phlebotomy program. The online lecture and theory platform give you the flexibility to complete course work at a time of day convenient for you, re-watch lectures, re-watch demonstrations, pause videos and take notes at your own pace. Students come to in-person labs with a strong foundation of phlebotomy theory and can get right to work applying their knowledge through clinical skills.  Our labs give you not only hands on practice but face to face interaction with peers and the ability to ask questions to the instructor. Physical or e-books are available based on your preference.”

Kimberly Gabbard –  Phlebotomy Instructor – Heart To Heart

What makes Heart to Heart’s Phlebotomy training the perfect path to success?

The key is the perfect blend of flexible online learning and advanced real world laboratory training.  Essentially It is a hybrid class that consists of both online lecture and hands on in-person lab instruction. It is 8 weeks in length.  The online portion and lab run simultaneously. This helps you not only gain the intellectual knowledge needed but the real world skills that will allow you to thrive.   You will be completing online lessons each week while also attending lab two days a week to practice blood draws and get familiar with equipment used as a Phlebotomist. The online portion consists of lectures, supplemental videos, assignments and quizzes to help prepare  for the lab and an eventual career. The laboratory portion will be spent introducing you to the equipment you will be working with, procedures to be done and real life experience of drawing blood on each other. This will help you prepare for the job experience needed in various medical settings and for the national exam once you are eligible to take after the class ends.

Is this better than a simple 4 week phlebotomy class? 

Receiving this special training is crucial.

To be a successful phlebotomist it takes not only skills in the medical field that is learned through lectures and lab training but also those personal assets that drive all successful people.

Ambition or personal drive. Having instruction from someone who has been on the front lines with real experience can help cultivate this drive in others.

Communication. Being able to communicate well is also central for this position. Explaining procedures to patients and actively listening to them is critical.

Altruism.  The requirements for success in phlebotomy on a personal level are quite simple but significant. In general, an ideal candidate must be interested in working to help people.   You will be working very closely with patients, so it is important to have compassion.  Demonstrating patience and understanding towards patients is key.

Fine motor skills.  This  is a desired characteristic in a person who draws blood for donation or medical analysis. If you lack dexterity this will lead to unnecessary distress for the patient.  For instance, if a person cannot find a vein and inserts a needle incorrectly or multiple punctures are administered then vessel damage might occur.

Detail Oriented. Carelessness will not get you too far. Mistakes such as mislabeled samples, blood contamination and incorrect blood quantities can cause a wide range of hiccups.

See how a Phlebotomist can impact the world during Covid-19

Is this you? Do you want to make a real difference?

As a Phlebotomist you are essential in the struggle against sickness.. Blood tests are the most effective method we have for diagnosing illnesses, in situations where time is of the essence, being able to run blood tests can save lives. You are required in just about every conceivable hospital setting, this means that there is no shortage of work opportunities. It also means that you can travel the world and use your training where they can do the most good.  Many healthcare workers find the urge to take their skills and work somewhere with them where they are particularly needed. Many non profits  who help to provide healthcare in underdeveloped nations  areas around the globe will need you. to assist their operations.

A career as a phlebotomist is a rewarding one that offers the potential to take up new opportunities in the future that you otherwise might have missed.  As a phlebotomist you have the option to work in several different healthcare settings and impact several patients each day. If you are caring and compassionate about helping others, this is a job for you. This is a great introduction into the healthcare field and can be used a stepping stone into another career or a career on its own. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for Phlebotomists will continue to be 25% higher than all other occupations. The average hourly wage for a Phlebotomist is anywhere from $12.00 to $18.80. Labor statistics link.

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Some important details about our Phlebotomy Training

-The total cost for the class is $1,075. You are responsible for purchasing the book, scrubs and paying for the national exam.

-Our Phlebotomy programs are offered at both locations. Please check out our upcoming class schedules:


-Essexville(Bay City) 

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