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What Jobs Can Medical Assistants Do?

What are medical assistants? 

Medical assistants are highly skilled healthcare workers that are trained to excel in medical care environments. They are required to perform not only clinical duties but also administrative duties. These professionals are a vital part of our society’s health and well being. Becoming a medical assistant will require a formal education along with clinical experience to become licensed. follow the link below to learn more:

What are the administrative job duties of a medical assistant? 

-Basic computer knowledge and application use

-Answering telephones

-Helping patients feel comfortable

-Filing patient medical records

-Coding and filling out insurance forms

-Scheduling appointments for patients

-Arranging for hospital admissions

-Billing and bookkeeping responsibilities 

What are the clinical duties of a medical assistant? 

-Recording medical histories

-Discussing treatment plans with patients

-Assisting doctors in exam settings

-Collecting and preparing laboratory specimens

-Running laboratory tests

-Giving medication advice to patients

-Drawing blood

-Performing electrocardiograms 

Precepts / Training 

Most states do not have any regulations that actually address the scope of practice for the medical assistant profession. The majority of this scope is dependent on education and one’s ability to perform in a clinical setting. There are certification programs available that do well to asses an individual’s competency to be a medical assistant. 

With so many benefits to becoming a medical assistant now is a perfect time to start the process This field is always evolving and will present new challenges each day. You will receive an immense amount of job satisfaction through the opportunity to work with all kinds of people and have a direct role in helping those in need. It is also a great starting point for advancement in the medical field. Many former medical assistants have moved onto high-level administration roles and other roles that require higher education such as nurses and radiologists. 

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