The Best Part About Being a CNA

November 27, 2019
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If you’re looking to truly make a difference in people’s lives than becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant may be a good career choice for you. Being such a strong integral part in the well being of the elderly, sick, and disabled brings about repeated rewards and job satisfaction.  At Heart to Heart, we pride ourselves on being able to train the next generation of CNA’s that will make a difference in the lives that they care for. Please take a moment to read about the other benefits of becoming a nurse aid.

Job Security

The Certified Nursing Assistant will always be in demand because there is never a shortage of those that need healthcare services. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of 18% through 2024.

Less Education

If you work as a CNA your school may use that experience in the field to compensate for some of the nursing classes you might be required to take. In the long run, that means less money for education and less time in reaching your goals.

More Affordable

Becoming a CNA is relatively inexpensive. Our CNA program, for example, is only $925. Another benefit is that you have the opportunity to finish at a hospital, vocational college, or private institution instead of paying the high expenses at a major university.

Something New Everday

Being a CNA will present many challenges that will be exciting. One of these will be the multitude of environments that you have the opportunity of being a part of. Some of these include hospitals, hospice centers, community centers, and rehabilitation centers.

Job Satisfaction

This career is full of everyday rewards because it presents the chance to work so closely with the needy. Nurses, in general, are held in high esteem and respected for what they do. If you desire to significantly change the lives of others then look into becoming a CNA.

Networking Opportunities

Working as a CNA brings the opportunity to develop long term relationships with other professionals in the health care industry. Having connections can further work for your benefit in advancing through the nursing field.

If you have questions about the CNA program we offer or anything related to the CNA industry please reach out to us.  At Heart to Heart we always take each class and each individual student very seriously. As a graduate of Heart to Heart Healthcare Training, we know you will be taking care of our community’s loved ones, and that is a big responsibility. We want to make sure you learn everything you need to know to safely and respectfully take care of your patients. We pride ourselves in caring for each individual patient as if it were our own loved one, and teaching students the importance of doing the same.