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Get Ready lansing!

We are thrilled to announce some exciting news! Drumroll, please… 🥁 We will be expanding our reach and adding a brand new location in Lansing! 🌟

But that’s not all! In addition to our existing programs, we will also be offering Phlebotomy Technician classes starting in the Fall of 2023. This means that aspiring healthcare professionals in Lansing and the surrounding areas will have the opportunity to embark on a rewarding career path with us.

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate looking for a hands-on healthcare program or someone seeking a career change, our Phlebotomy Technician classes will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this vital field.

Stay tuned for more updates and details as we get closer to the launch of these exciting new offerings. We can’t wait to welcome students at our new Lansing location and help them achieve their goals as Phlebotomy Technicians. Get ready for an incredible journey ahead! 💪🎉

We will be located at 1000 W. St Joseph, Suite 350 in Lansing!